Sunday, December 20, 2009

Percent Calculator (Pro)

This is the professional version of the free Percent Calculator. They both have the same functionality except that the pro version has support for themes and retains previously computed values.
They all contain the following calculators:

  • Percent Calculator : A simple calculator to calculate percents e.g. What is [12%] of [35].
  • Percentage Calculator : Calculates percentages e.g. [23] is what percent of [20].
  • Percent Increase-By Calculator: Enter a value and a percentage to increase by. e.g. [1.2] increase by [40]% = 1.68.
  • Percent-Off (Discount) Calculator: Enter a value and a percentage to discount by. e.g. [29.99] discount of [30]% = $20.99.
  • Bonus - Tip Calculator: Simple tip calculator that can split tips. Enter total bill amount (including taxes), number of people and the tip percentage.
    Everything will be computed. The tip percentage will be saved.

Best of all these calculations can also compute backwards. Enter any two values and the third will be computed e.g. [23]% of [x] = 115. X will be computed (20).


  1. Is this a Nexus One app, I can't find it in the market.

  2. First Thank You for this calculator, I used to use a excel spreadsheet for this.
    Have a decimal point with the numeric keypad on the tablet version.

  3. Downloaded free per ent calculator and it gives no answer to - what is 3.45% of $50,000. Not impressed!