Friday, August 21, 2009

Percent Calculator

Just published the Percent Calculator for the Android phone.

- A simple calculator to calculate percents
e.g. What is [12]% of [35].
- And also to calculate percentages
e.g. [23] is what percent of [20].
- Enter any two values and the third is computed
e.g. [23]% of [x] = 115. X will be computed (20).
- Enter a value and a percentage to increase by.
e.g. [1.2] increase by [40]% = 1.68.
- Enter a value and a percentage to discount (decrease) by.
e.g. $[29.99] at [30]% Off = $20.99.
- Tip Calculator: Simple tip calculator that can split tips. Enter total bill amount (including taxes), number of people and the tip percentage.
Everything will be computed. The tip percentage will be saved.

- Determine the price of any item that is on sale e.g. $29.99 at 20% off
- Determine the amount to tip your waiter/waitress etc.


This application is available for following phones:
- HTC Dream (aka T-Mobile G1 in US, Rogers Dream in Canada)
- HTC Hero (aka the T-Mobile G2 Touch in UK)
- HTC Magic (aka the T-Mobile myTouch 3G in US)

To Download, open Android Market on your phone and search for the term "Percent Calculator"


  1. You may wish to add a markup function. If my cost is 100.00 and I markup 10%, the product should sell for 111.11 so that if I offer a 10% discount from 111.11, the discounted price (markdown %),100.00 will not be below my cost of producing the good.

    10% discount derived by: cost/{(100-10 discount percentage)/100)= 111.11

  2. This is a wonderful tool and could you please tell me whether this is available for Sony Xperia X8?

  3. Interested in the app, but not the android.permissions:


    Why do you need this for a calculator? Other similar apps I have don't.

  4. Sir, I can not download this app (Percent Calculator) anymore? Any hints?
    Regards from Germany

  5. I am unable to find this app in the android market. I have a motorola charm. Is is still available?

  6. para esos cálculos del día a día... Perfecta!!!

  7. This is a very nice android app on percent calculator .i like your article.