Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Infusion Calculator

A simple Infusion calculator [using the Fluent UI design] with the following calculators:
  • IV Rate Calculator
  • Dose Calculator
  • Concentration
  • Infusion Time (IV Pump)
  • Infusion Time (No IV Pump)
  • NICU Quick Drip
  • NICU Quick IV
  • PO Dosage (liquids & solids)
  • Insulin Dose Calculator


  1. Can you provide some update if needed?
    Is your application free or can we buy on market?
    I want to contact you. How can we do..?

  2. How is downloading procedure?
    I need infusion calculator..

  3. Where can we download this from? I have searched the Market and online, however the only things I have seen have been links to open it with Market on my phone, which returns an error saying it can't find it. This app is exactly what I have been trying to find for my soon-to-be wife (in <2 months)!!!

  4. Can you post the .apk files somewhere. These are excellent apps but we cannot download it outside of the US and also by Android tablets for eg I have a Honeycomb based tablet but cannot download it as I cannot access Android market with it (a common problem with many Android tablets)